Updating the Outlets in our Fixer Upper

If your house wasn’t built in the last decade you probably have these old yellow outlets like I do. Don’t worry they are an easy fix and I’m about to give you a step by step tutorial. If I can do it so can you.img_6653

The first step is to flip the breaker and kill the power. Then you’ll need a screw driver or drill to remove the outlet cover and outlet.

img_6632 img_6633

Once the outlet is unscrewed from the wall pull it out with the wires still attached. Next, you’ll have to unscrew the wires from the outlet. Note where the white, black, and ground wires are attached to the old outlet. img_6634 img_6635

When you’ve loosened all the screws then you can simply pull the wires off. Just like that you’ve removed that old outdated outlet.

Now to put the new outlet on, you’ll wrap the wires around the new outlets screws. Be sure to put the wires in the same spot that they were on the old outlet. Hint: the ground wire usually goes to the bottom green screw.


Once the wires are attached, place them back in the wall and screw the outlet back in.


Lastly, screw on the cover plate.


Then turn on the power and woolah your good to go.

If you want to add a little glam to your outlets like I did, you can get these lighted outlet covers and usb covers from https://www.snappower.com

main_hero_charger-120x120-1 img_6644

By just updating the outlets it can give your house a new, fresh, and updated feel.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife



Earring Organization

This has been one of my favorite things. If you know me you know that I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning and organization. I hate not being able to find what I need or in this case only finding one earring to the pair.

I ran across this idea a while back and have absolutely loved it. I just found an old screen, scuffed it up a little, hung it on the wall, and put my earrings on it. It makes it so easy to keep the pairs together and grab the pair you want as you run out the door. Best of all, I love that I can see them all as I pick.


You can also learn how I made my DIY Necklace stand here



~The Rustic Ranch Wife

Bathroom Makeover

I absolutely love our house, but there are certain parts of it that need a little updating! Luckily I love having a project. We updated a lot in our house before we moved in, but there is still some updating to do.

My latest update was our master bathroom and guest bathroom. I first decided to stain the cupboards to give them a darker appearance. I used an old masters gel stain. By using a gel stain I avoided having to sand  my cupboards. Trust me, it’s so worth it.


I used this foam brush to apply to gel stain evenly over the cupboards. Then I used a brush with bristles to wipe off the excess gel stain. I applied two coats to achieve the darkness I wanted. Each coat makes the stain a little darker so you can apply as few or as many coats to get your desired darkness.

IMG_2713 IMG_2714

I wanted a distressed/rustic look to my cabinets so I applied the stain heavier in the creases.

I couldn’t do my cabinets and leave my countertops so I bought a giani granite kit to redo my countertops. Giani offers multiple color options to choose from in their kits.


I was a little nervous to use this kit or any kit for that matter. I mean, what if it didn’t look good? Sometimes advertisements and pictures can be deceiving. However, this kit was so simple and easy to use. It included everything I needed to give my countertops a complete makeover. They went from drab to fab in two days! This kit also included a dvd with step by step instructions making the process even simpler.

Before you begin make sure your countertops are clean.

Step 1: Primer (Foam brush for corners and edges) Let dry eight hours.

The black primer had me a bit nervous at first….

IMG_2726 IMG_2727

Step 2: Color one (the colors are labeled so that you know which one to use first)


Step 3: Color two


Step 4: Color three


Once all three colors are applied (apply them on top of each other before they are dry) let dry for four hours.

You can apply as much or as little of each color to get your desired look. There were a few places that I made too light so I just reapplied some black primer over the light. There were also places that were darker than I wanted so I applied more light. You can reapply and add as you please.

Step 5: Clear top coat (apply two coats of top coat)


Let dry four hours for each coat.

This was such a fun project that was actually pretty easy. I absolutely love the end result.

IMG_2768 IMG_2751 IMG_2750 IMG_2687 IMG_2708

If your thinking about it, just go for it! You won’t regret it!

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

My Updated Dining Room Table

We had a beautiful dining room table. However, the floral cushions didn’t exactly go well with our house. The entire house follows a rustic-western theme, except this table.


So I decided to recover them with the help of my mother. I mean how hard could it be? First, I went out and bought the fabric that I wanted to recover them with.


I then used a simple screw driver to unscrew the cushions from the chair.


Once the cushions were unscrewed I laid them on the fabric and cut a piece big enough to recover the cushion.


After the piece was cut I used a staple gun to stable in the top and bottom edges. Once the top and bottom were stapled in I then stapled in the sides.


The next part is the tricky part. The corners. They are a little difficult. You have to rearrange and play with the material until you get the material to lay the way that you want. Once that’s achieved you simply just staple the corners down.

IMG_2486 IMG_2487

Lastly, you screw the cushions back onto the chair. Follow the same steps for all of the cushions.

Once completed you’ll have a brand new table appearance.


This was a fun, cheap, easy, quick project that completely updating my dining room.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

Christmas Decor

Between holiday vacations and our annual NFR trip Christmas arrives in the blink of an eye. Therefore, I put my Christmas up early this year. I know, we haven’t even eaten turkey yet, but after Thanksgiving we are only home for a couple of days before we head out to Vegas. And once we get home from Vegas Christmas is practically here.

Additionally, I love Christmas and everything that it stands for. The music, gift giving, the decorations, remembering Christ and the true meaning of Christmas, I love it all. It’s such a giving and happy time of year. If my husband would allow it I would probably keep my Christmas decorations up year round. Christmas is the perfect occasion for DIY crafts and projects. So far this year I’ve made garland for my fireplace/front door and the cutest Christmas bulb wreath.

FullSizeRender IMG_1936 IMG_1939 IMG_1943 IMG_1970 IMG_1971IMG_1972IMG_0332

DIY tutorials are COMING SOON.

Christmas gives me the perfect occasion to redecorate my house. If I could make a living as an interior designer/decorator in my small town I would be in heaven. I absolutely love to redecorate my house. My husband is so sweet and notices almost every change. I have no clue what he really thinks, but he always tells me it looks good.

I’d love for you to share any additional tips or decorating ideas that you may have this holiday season.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife