Okay so I may be a child at heart! But guys seriously how cute is Shasta?!

I’d been telling Tait that all I wanted for my birthday is a mini horse and he replied numerous times about how dumb that idea was. So you can imagine my surprise when he showed up at the office on my birthday with a mini horse. Yes… I may be spoiled, but so is he so I guess it’s a win win.


Yes he walked the horse in the building.

IMG_4577 IMG_4561

I don’t know who loves him more, me or Texas?

IMG_4558 IMG_4562 IMG_4572

My new project is redoing a cart so we can go on pony rides.

Stay tuned…. More to come on the adventures with Shasta.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife


The Biggest Little City in the World

Reno has been such a fun little trip. The Reno rodeo and BFI provide us with a perfect trip in the middle of June. What’s even better is that between Reno and the NFR we get a nice little rodeo vacation every six months that provides lots of opportunities for SHOPPING!!! Oooops, I mean for watching my husband rope! Yay! We also get to spend time with great company.

Tait and I are extremely blessed to be able to do what we love and hit the rodeo trail. We are even more blessed that we have family that travels all over to watch, support, and cheer us on.

Rodeo is a sport that has both ups and downs. This year Reno was a bit more of a down. However, the downs are what define us as cowboys and cowgirls. You have to be able to take that down, learn from it, and carry on. The bad runs provide us with the perfect opportunity to learn our flaws so that we can turn them into our strengths.

The great thing about rodeo is that there is always another one!

~The Rustic Ranch Wife


Heber City UTBRA

Heber City puts on such great races. It rained the day before the race and the groundsmen were out mucking all the outdoor stalls. They definitely go above and beyond to keep the facility nice. Luckily, Heber has a nice indoor pen so the ground is never horrible.

Barrel races are so much fun because not only do we as barrel racers get to compete doing what we love, but we also get to spend time with the amazing people in the barrel racing community.

All of my best friends are people that I’ve met through barrel racing and rodeo. You couldn’t find a better group of people if you tried.

Both of my horses worked great for me in Heber. We still have work to do and plenty of room to excel. Barrel races/competition runs show the competitors the areas in which they can improve. The improvements are something to work towards and grow together as a team.

I’m pretty lucky to have the teammates I do right now. I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

Denver Lovin

I think it’s safe to say that Tait and I had a lot of fun in Denver. We were there for the superior cattle sale, as well as the Denver Rodeo. When we got to Denver we had a standard economy rental car. However, Tait saw a car in the parking lot and fell in love!! Needless to say we upgraded.


And the whole week he thought he was a nascar driver…… Kinda scary!

The superior sale in Denver is a big deal because they give out awards for the representatives who sold the most cattle as well as other categories. For those of you who don’t know superior is a cattle auction that is on the TV so buyers all over the country can see and bid on the cattle. We had fun at the representative dinner. I’m so proud of Tait, he hasn’t been a rep for very long and he is so young. His dedication is paying off and I know that he will go far. He already has such great successes. It was a great night for these two cattlemen.

FullSizeRender IMG_2620

The Denver Stockshow and Rodeo! Wow!! It is such a big rodeo!! We had so much fun!! It’s like Vegas shopping all over again!! I’m not sure that Tait liked that part so much….. lol but I did get this super cute jacket!


The rodeo didn’t go as well as hoped for. Tait made an excellent run to be winning the rodeo, but didn’t quite give the steer enough of a head start. It was definitely a bummer.

Additionally, I got to go to the Denver mart (WESA) with my bestie from college. It was so fun to be reunited with Bailie. 5 years of separation, over a thousand miles, and we didn’t miss a beat. The friendship this girl and I made is a once in a lifetime deal.

65082_159444260767477_3875399_n 68560_159444614100775_3130382_n 200336_187983847913518_4135412_n 217758_192784180766818_2433318_n

These are some college days photos because we are slackers and didn’t get any new ones!!! Boy do we look young! It was so much fun to reminisce and catch up. I absolutely love this girl to pieces.

At the Denver mart Bailie talked me into buying the cutest cowhide runner! I’m so glad I did because I absolutely love its new place in my house!

IMG_2690 IMG_2689

Overall, Denver was a complete success! We got to hot rod our car all over town, spend time with great friends, shop, and rodeo! All of my favorite things! What more could a girl want?

I’m one HAPPY girl.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

My First Roping

Every year for new years we go to Mesquite for the annual World Series roping.This year was a little bit tricky because we had to split up. Tait was in Denver at the rodeo where he had an awesome run and won 4th in the round. He goes back to Denver around the 17th. Yay!  He had one truck and trailer in Denver and I took the other truck and trailer to Mesquite. The problem was that I rope on the horse (Chuck) that he was roping on in Denver. Chuck is the best horse and such a great baby sitter. He makes it so that I literally just have to worry about catching, which is plenty to worry about for me. Tait left in such a hurry for Denver because it was right after Christmas and we still had family staying with us that he didn’t get a chance to help me load the trailer. As I was loading all of our hay and getting the trailer ready for Mesquite Tait sent me a text of the Broncos stadium. That stinker went to a Broncos game without me. I was sure to text back a picture of the hay so that he knew I was having as much fun as he was…. not…..

IMG_2509 IMG_2586

Tait is a huge worrier. It’s like bad…. So my whole drive to Mesquite he was sure to check on me multiple times. The worst is it’s only a 3 hour drive so you can imagine how many phone calls I received. I can just hear him saying “Where are ya now?” and I’d reply “five minutes past where I told you when you called five minutes ago.” It seemed that every time I was jamming out to a great song is right when he would call. When I got to Mesquite I got the horses all settled in and the trailer unhooked and set up at the end of the arena so that we could sit in the trailer and watch the roping. It turned out to be super nice and convenient.


Then I went to my inlaws house and got myself settled in. I enjoyed a nice relaxing evening in the hot tub and watching a chick flick. My relaxing evening was interrupted at 4am when Tait woke me to go pick him up at the arena. He had to drive all night because I needed Chuck for the roping the next morning. He’s such a good husband to make sure I’m mounted on the best horse and taken care of.


Last year I told Tait that my new years resolution was to start practicing so that the next year (this year) I could enter. I don’t like missing out on the fun so I might as well rope too. I began practicing shortly after and this year I did enter. The roping didn’t go as good as it could have, but it didn’t go as bad as it could have either. I caught way more than I missed and for that I’m happy. Not to shabby for my first roping ever. Besides, I had a blast doing it.

I love to get pictures of Tait roping. When I roped I told him to take pictures of me. He surprised me and actually did a great job, but I don’t think he liked the switch of our roles lol.

IMG_7027 IMG_7026

Here are some of my favorite pics that I got of Tait roping throughout the week.

IMG_7004 IMG_6973 IMG_6968 IMG_6931 IMG_6932

He is such a great roper and at both ends. It seriously doesn’t matter if he heads or heels because he is so talented at both. We had a blast ringing in the new year in Mesquite, spending time together, and doing what we love. We can’t wait to go back for the next roping at the end of the month.


~ The Rustic Ranch Wife

World Series Finale

Vegas this year went by in the blink of an eye. It’s a trip that we look forward to every year and it always comes and goes in a flash. We didn’t get to do too much shopping this year because Tait was entered in every roping he could.

The world series finale is so much fun to watch, but takes all day to get through all the rounds. Tait and Ky rope great together and were hoping to win big like they did last year. They were 4th high call coming into the short round (meaning they were the 4th fastest time on 3 steers with one steer to go). The short round is a pretty big deal. There is over $1 million in payouts among the winners. They had all the contestants come in for a grand entry. Tait of course was the cutest, he made sure to give his horse Chuck some pets in the grand entry. The short round started at 50th high call. Talk about some nerves in anticipation. I was a wreck in the bleachers waiting for him to rope. All they had to do is catch and they would have won around $100 grand. When their turn came we all got really quiet and watched closer than ever before. However, luck wasn’t in their favor and they came up empty handed. When it gets to that point it is really the luck of  the draw and they simply didn’t draw a good steer.

Although the roping didn’t pan out how we wanted we still came home with a little earnings, memories that will last a life time, and an appreciation for the world of team roping and rodeo.

Here are some photos from the week….

IMG_6075 IMG_6077 IMG_6089 IMG_6093 IMG_6102 IMG_6103 IMG_6120 IMG_6132 IMG_6151 IMG_6160 IMG_6180 IMG_6186  IMG_6211

I hope you enjoy!

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

Texas’s Injury/ Barrel Racing Problems

So I ran Texas at the barrel race the first day in Heber City. He came out of our run lame which had me worried, but sometimes horses have a little stinger. So I rubbed his legs down, gave him some bute, and put him away for the night hoping that he wouldn’t be limping in the morning. However, when I got him out of his stall the next morning he was limping worse than before so I turned out of the race Sunday.

Thankfully I already had a vet appointment set for the following Monday to get Texas’s hocks and stiffles injected. The vet did a scan and found that Texas tore his tendon. Not all the way through thank goodness, but that still means he needed several months off.

The vet casted Texas’s leg and set me up with an appointment two weeks later. When I returned for that vet appointment the vet took off the cast and did another scan. His tendon does look a little better. However, he is still on stall arrest for at least 3 more months. He gave me some tendon tightener and mud that I am to use on his leg twice a week. In addition, I am supposed to ice it daily (I just use the cold water from the hose).

IMG_1242 IMG_1241 IMG_1239

Therefore, Texas has become a feedlot horse because out at the house he just paced his stall all day wanting to be with the other horses in the field. I think Texas absolutely hates his stall and desperately wants to return to his big, open green field. At the feedlot all the horses are in stalls so he doesn’t get as anxious. Texas is a trooper through it all though.

And look how cute he is…

Hopefully we will have a full, speedy recovery.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife