Lucy’s 2nd Birthday

My adorable niece Lucy turned 2 this past week and I was lucky enough to get to help with the decorating. My sister in law chose “The Wheels on the Bus” theme. It turned out to be so stinking cute!

Is she cute or what? It was so fun watching Lucy open all her presents. Although a couple presents did distract her and she didn’t care to open the next.


~The Rustic Ranch Wife

30 and Fabulous

So today we had a surprise birthday party for my sister in law Angela. She turned thirty this year, which is a big birthday so her husband wanted to make it special. He was so cute in his planning and cooked the food himself because he knew just what she liked. He designated me to do the decorating, which of course I was thrilled to do because I LOVE to decorate.

Happy birthday to this babe who is the most loving mom, wife, daughter, sister in law, friend ect. I hope that when I turn 30 and have had babies I make 30 look as good as she does. She is supermom who juggles her work (she’s a lawyer), ranch work (which is a full time job itself), taking her kids to extracurricular activities, and everything else that life throws at her. She does it flawlessly and makes it look so easy.

Happy birthday Angela! I hope it’s the best one yet!

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Below are some photos of the decorations and some photos to capture some of the fun we had at the surprise party.

IMG_2355 IMG_2356 IMG_6240 IMG_6241 IMG_6242 IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250 IMG_6275 IMG_6319 IMG_6342 IMG_6347 IMG_6374 IMG_6405 IMG_6445 IMG_6554 IMG_6558 IMG_6592        IMG_6287 IMG_6301 IMG_6365 IMG_6366 IMG_6509 IMG_2370