Hunters turned Gatherers

When you’re hunting spike elk, but can’t find any you do what any normal rancher would do and start gathering your cattle.

IMG_1211 IMG_1224 IMG_1226

We got quite a few rounded up and headed down the mountain. By that night there were several down in the corral that we were able to load up and take back to the feed lot!

Even though we didn’t get a spike elk, I’d say it was still a successful day!

~The Rustic Ranch Wife


Hunting Adventures


This Spring TG made me take hunter’s safety so that this year and years to follow I can actually hunt instead of just go along for the ride.

Since it is my first year hunting some ranch friends of ours gave me a cow elk tag for their private property. We have been hunting quite a few times, but haven’t seen much. As TG’s best friend Vance would say “That’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting!” However, we spotted a cow elk yesterday while, but I shot at it an missed. The worst part is that it literally stood there staring at us for 10 minutes. Five of which were spent by me trying to find the dang elk in my scope! It was like she was begging to be killed. Moments before we spotted her I told TG I don’t know why one can’t just walk out into an opening and say “shoot me Page.” Now I’m going to need one to walk out into an opening and say “Where’s my bullet going to go?”

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