Summer Style

Okay guys so I know its been forever. Like over a year! Yikes!! Time flies. Grad school basically kicked my butt, but somehow I managed to finish and now I’m back with lots of fun blogging ideas! If you know me you know I love fashion! So I want to show you some of my favorite fashion pieces from this summer. Most of my outfits have come from some of my favorite boutiques on Instagram.

As far as fashion is concerned, I pretty much like everything. I’m the girl that likes the things that most people are unsure about at first. I like to add a little flare to whatever I do. My style is a little more out there, but I believe that’s what makes it unique and fun. I like to stand out and be different. Some of my fashion loves right now include serape, big hats, cheetah, glitter, fringe, leather, sparkles, and suede.


I hope this can help give some outfit inspo.


~The Rustic Ranch Wife


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