College Days in Big Spring, TX

I can’t help but reminisce on all the good old college days as I drive through Big Spring on the way to the George Strait team roping today. On one hand those days seem like yesterday, but on the other hand it seems like it was forever ago.

IMG_3273 2

Packing my stuff, loading my horses in the horse trailer, and driving over 1000 miles to go to college was one of the best decisions I ever made. Wow did I ever do some growing up. This small town of Big Spring taught me life lessons I will never forget, generated friendships that will last a lifetime, and helped me accomplish my dream of moving to Texas on a rodeo scholarship.

Many nights turned into mornings at Out Yonder where every minute was spent enjoying TC Fambro’s musical talent and the company of our rodeo team and family. You can’t go wrong with some shuffle board, two stepping, and Texas country music.


Neighbors was the pit stop on the way to the practice arena where deep fried burritos, munchies, and dr. pepper helped me to gain my freshman 15. So not healthy, but so worth every pound.

The practice arena was not only where daily practice was held, but became a place that we as a rodeo team could call home. We learned responsibility, whether it was by feeding our own horses morning and night, being at practice on time, opening the chutes, holding a goat, or by lending a hand to a team member.


Dorm life was certainly an experience I will never forget. The roommates I had became sisters that hold a dear spot in my heart. At times we may have been closer than we would have liked and other times we had a scuffle or two, but in the end we were each others best supporters, cheerleaders, and best friends.

College Rodeo in Texas is unreal. It was everything I thought it would be and so much more. I had an absolute blast competing with the tough competition. What was even more satisfying was realizing that I could hang.

The feeling of stepping off my horse running mock 90 in the rodeo bowl is one I’ll never forget. Especially, because it ended with me eating sh**. But hey I have some awesome photos!

I can’t listen to Adele’s song rolling in the deep without being reminded of our girls practice rocking out and preparing for our school’s college rodeo at the rodeo bowl.

Those two years in Big Spring will always be cherished! Big Spring is the place where I discovered the qualities that make me wonderful and unique. I have always been a motivated, responsible person. I always knew I wanted to go to Texas on a rodeo scholarship and I did. However, I had no way of knowing that Texas would shape me to be me. As responsible and motivated as I am, Texas threw me for a loop and challenged me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It gave me a whole new perspective on life and taught me to live life to the fullest, take in every moment, and see the good in each experience.


~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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