The Grand Canyon

I’d been to the Grand Canyon growing up, but I couldn’t remember a lot of it. So in road tripping to Arizona we decided to make a couple stops to see it. The trip down was so much fun. We stopped at some ancient Navajo ruins, a couple antique stores, and the grand canyon.

The first stop was an antique store in the small town of Orderville, UT. It’s right on main street and has excellent prices. Of course, we all got some great finds (blog posts to come).

We also stopped at Antiques N Things in Kanab. I could seriously stop at every antique store along the way and be in heaven. Luckily, I got it from my mamma so we both enjoyed the stops.


Our next stop was at some ancient Navajo ruins off of Highway 89A. They were absolutely amazing. The houses were built into the sides of these huge rocks. All I can say is I admire their work ethic and lifestyle. I’m not so sure I could do it. It’s definitely a humbling experience. It’s crazy to think how far mankind has come, I feel spoiled to enjoy running water, electricity, and especially my bed.

The ruins had the cutest Navajo women who were selling handmade jewelry. It was neat to hear their story of how the grandmother, mother, and daughter all make the jewelry. Needless to say, I added some neat pieces to my collection.


IMG_7425 IMG_7439 IMG_3114


Our last stop was the Grand Canyon. We went to the south rim. It is stunningly beautiful. I think part of it’s beauty comes from how enormous it is. It spans past as far as the human eye can see.

IMG_3129 IMG_3107IMG_7467




If you ever have the chance, definitely stop and see the beauty of the Grand Canyon. I promise you won’t regret it.

We had such a fun road trip down to Arizona by taking time to stop at the little towns, shops, and enjoying nature at its finest.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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