School Residency

California was an absolute blast! I went for school, which was such a great learning experience. As a person I was able to grow and learn so much about myself, as well as about others and my future career. I am beyond grateful for the experience and friends I have made through school.


This group of people became family for the week. We spent all week together learning about each individual on a deep level. I gained such a respect for every single one of them. Counseling can be difficult and it was so great to be vulnerable with these complete strangers and learn that everything will be okay.

I gained a whole new perspective on how my future clients may feel upon coming to me. Everyone has “stuff” and can benefit from counseling. It is sad that counseling often gets a negative stereotype. Counseling provides the perfect atmosphere for self-growth and healing.

I love the path I’m on to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I’m addicted, I love it, I can’t learn enough fast enough. I’m constantly reading and researching to gain a greater knowledge base. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife


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