So as you know I had to go to California for school. How could anyone be in Cali and be all work, no play? I just couldn’t resist a little fun. One of my best friends flew out toward the end of my school week so we were able to have a few days to enjoy California.

We were just like little kids and could hardly contain our excitement for Disneyland. So of course we bought some Minnie ears. If you’re gonna do Disney you have to do it right! In addition to Disneyland and the California Adventure theme parks, Downtown Disney is fun. It is such a great atmosphere with great shops, restaurants, music, and much more. We ate dinner one night in Downtown Disney at El Patron Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. It was absolutely amazing food and they actually had great prices.

IMG_2877 (1)IMG_2912 (1)

Disneyland is currently celebrating their 60th anniversary with the diamond celebration. Everything is blue, white, and sparkly. I love sparkly so that was exciting.

IMG_2908 (1) IMG_3040 (1) IMG_2893 (1)

Ariel from the Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney princess growing up. Needless to say I loved the Little Mermaid ride. The animation and detail put into each ride is astounding. They didn’t miss a thing.

IMG_3038 (1) IMG_2904 (1)

My absolute favorite ride since I was a kid is the Tower of Terror. We got lucky and got to ride it twice. Another ride we loved was California Screaming, it was a super fun roller coaster everyone should experience at least once.

I’m a total kid at heart and had a blast at Disneyland. After all, it is the happiest place on earth.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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