Vote Kyle Jack for the 2016 Fan Exemption!

Why should Kyle be the 2016 fan choice exemption?

I’ll tell you why….. You’ll never find a more loyal, caring, honest person than Kyle. He is known for his big heart, friendly personality, loud mouth (in a good way), and cheery spirit.

Barrel races wouldn’t be the same without Kyle. He keeps everyone laughing, whether it’s by dancing in the arena or making a random comment. If someone needs help Kyle is the first to lend a hand.

If Kyle is a part of your day, you know it will be a great day. His uplifting personality is contagious. You’ll never find a more genuine friend.

Kyle is everyones number one fan. I usually don’t hear people cheering for me while I’m running, but I hear Kyle (I know I’m not alone in this). He sits there runner after runner, race after race, cheering on everyone. Who really has time for that?

The thing about Kyle is that he makes time. It’s now time for us to make time for him and take 30 seconds out of our day to vote. There are only a few days left so everyone get voting.

After years of having Kyle as all of our cheer leader, it’s now our turn to cheer on Kyle! Everyone vote Kyle for the 2016 fan exemption.

You can vote by following this link

~The Rustic Ranch Wife



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