My Updated Dining Room Table

We had a beautiful dining room table. However, the floral cushions didn’t exactly go well with our house. The entire house follows a rustic-western theme, except this table.


So I decided to recover them with the help of my mother. I mean how hard could it be? First, I went out and bought the fabric that I wanted to recover them with.


I then used a simple screw driver to unscrew the cushions from the chair.


Once the cushions were unscrewed I laid them on the fabric and cut a piece big enough to recover the cushion.


After the piece was cut I used a staple gun to stable in the top and bottom edges. Once the top and bottom were stapled in I then stapled in the sides.


The next part is the tricky part. The corners. They are a little difficult. You have to rearrange and play with the material until you get the material to lay the way that you want. Once that’s achieved you simply just staple the corners down.

IMG_2486 IMG_2487

Lastly, you screw the cushions back onto the chair. Follow the same steps for all of the cushions.

Once completed you’ll have a brand new table appearance.


This was a fun, cheap, easy, quick project that completely updating my dining room.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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