Things Are Getting Ranchy!

So bringing the cows home off of the mountain comes with all kinds of work. My hubby has been super busy. We are temporarily putting cows in our horse pasture. Therefore, we needed to get our rodeo horses out of the field to make it easier. Since Tait was busy he asked if I could help to get the horses caught and stalled up.

Normally this is no big deal. It’s really a simple task, but Tait has a heel horse that is absolutely a stinker. He does not like to be caught!

IMG_1420 IMG_1425

I caught the first two horses right away. I kept shaking the grain bucket to get Rivvy (the heel horse) to come close enough I could catch him. Rivvy is no dummy! He made sure to stay just far enough so that I couldn’t catch him.

IMG_1432 IMG_1433

So I decided to load the other two horses. I thought maybe he won’t want to be the only horse left in the field with all the cows and he’ll come to me.


After an hour of trying to get Rivvy to come to me I realized he wasn’t going to so I initiated my problem solving skills. I knew that if I could trap him in a corner somewhere I may be able to catch him. However, there aren’t many corners in a huge wide open field. So I improvised. I backed my trailer and truck next to the ditch so that they formed a corner. I then put the grain right next to the trailer. I figured Rivvy would like to be by the other horses and it worked! After an hour and a half of chasing him I finally caught him. I made sure to give him kisses. I guess you could say we have a love-hate relationship.

IMG_1434 IMG_1435

This is where the story gets better. On the ranch there are probably 7 stock trailers, but they were all being used and I wasn’t about to pull the living quarters down the muddy ranch road. Therefore, things got a little ranchy! Yes, I put 3 horses in the 2 horse bumper pull horse trailer. It was a little tight, but it was a short ride. IMG_1438 IMG_1440

All 3 horses were caught, hauled, unloaded, and stalled successfully and unharmed.

It was a success for me.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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