Texas’s Injury/ Barrel Racing Problems

So I ran Texas at the barrel race the first day in Heber City. He came out of our run lame which had me worried, but sometimes horses have a little stinger. So I rubbed his legs down, gave him some bute, and put him away for the night hoping that he wouldn’t be limping in the morning. However, when I got him out of his stall the next morning he was limping worse than before so I turned out of the race Sunday.

Thankfully I already had a vet appointment set for the following Monday to get Texas’s hocks and stiffles injected. The vet did a scan and found that Texas tore his tendon. Not all the way through thank goodness, but that still means he needed several months off.

The vet casted Texas’s leg and set me up with an appointment two weeks later. When I returned for that vet appointment the vet took off the cast and did another scan. His tendon does look a little better. However, he is still on stall arrest for at least 3 more months. He gave me some tendon tightener and mud that I am to use on his leg twice a week. In addition, I am supposed to ice it daily (I just use the cold water from the hose).

IMG_1242 IMG_1241 IMG_1239

Therefore, Texas has become a feedlot horse because out at the house he just paced his stall all day wanting to be with the other horses in the field. I think Texas absolutely hates his stall and desperately wants to return to his big, open green field. At the feedlot all the horses are in stalls so he doesn’t get as anxious. Texas is a trooper through it all though.

And look how cute he is…

Hopefully we will have a full, speedy recovery.

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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