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Welcome to the Rustic Ranch Wife!!!

This blog is to keep everyone up to date with my crafty creations, as well as, the fun my husband and I have on the ranch.

Let’s start from the beginning… I grew up in the city (Ogden, UT), but I am a country girl at heart. Growing up we had a couple of acres that I made sure were filled with horses, sheep, goats, dogs, etc. One of my favorite activities to do as a child was to go visit my grandma on her ranch. I loved to help feed the cows, play in the creek, ride the 4 wheelers, and drive the tractor. As I got older I began to rodeo. In high school I went the the National High School Rodeo Finals multiple times. I was then accepted to a college in Texas on a full ride rodeo scholarship. I then moved back to Utah where I am currently getting my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. It wasn’t long after my time in Texas that my husband and I started dating. I bet you can’t guess where we met? Yep, a rodeo. We dated for a couple of years and then got married. We had the absolute perfect wedding a girl could ask for. My husband is from an extremely small town in Utah. Our town is so small there are no stop lights, we have one four way stop. Talk about city girl gone country. However, this town is where my husband makes his living as a cattle rancher. I feel blessed to be living my dream with my prince charming. Last August we celebrated our one year anniversary. Everyday the fairytale continues with new adventures.

I hope you enjoy my blog

~The Rustic Ranch Wife

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